Webinar: ETF Portfolio Construction

By Dan Hallett, CFA, CFP on June 25th, 2012

Last week, I spoke about constructing portfolios using exchange-traded funds (ETFs) to a group made up mostly of financial advisors.  Investment Executive hosted the June 19 webinar and they archived the entire presentation and question period on their website.

I was a bit time-constrained so my presentation quickly gets to a few sample portfolios, which is the focus of my talk.  Ideally, I’d have spent more time talking about process – not just the portfolio construction process but also the broader practices of client discovery, monitoring and follow-up.

Finally, as I was writing this short blog post, I was reminded of another from almost two years ago – How to tilt the investing odds in your favour.  As you listen to the webinar, you’ll see these investing tips in action in the sample portfolios and my supporting explanations.


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