A Passion for Clarity and Honesty

In some ways, my career has been a long path to helping investors better understand the world of investing through education and the creation of transparent disclosures; so that they can avoid the industry’s ethically-challenged.

My first industry job was as a financial advisor selling mutual funds in the mid-1990s. Even back then, I took the unusual steps of explaining fees and commissions in plain language while putting my advice in writing.

A few years later, at my first research analyst job, I was part of an innovative team that launched Canada’s first suite of online portfolio analysis tools. That included a historical risk/return illustrator and a statement showing fees in both percentage and dollar terms. I was involved in many cutting edge projects – e.g. quantifying investor behaviour – while writing regular articles and speaking to the media.

I made a couple of stops subsequently before officially landing at HighView in 2010 – including running my own firm for nearly 7 years. I’ve been writing regularly since 2000. I engage regulators on important issues through the submission of formal comments. I continue to be a source for a variety of media outlets. And I speak at (mostly industry) conferences. This website aggregates all of these.

Stewardship Above All

The common thread that runs through all of the above communication outlets is the furthering of the idea that the industry must take good care of the clients who trust them with the stewardship of the assets they worked so hard to accumulate (and from which the industry derives its revenues).

My partners and I have created a leading investment counselling firm that gives life to this belief by the design, construction, management and review of goals-based investment portfolios. I drive the research process behind the investment portfolios and structures we design for our clients. Our research often uncovers issues of interest to the general public, which I will continue to share through this website.